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In this bulletin we ask an important question: Is your Product and Production line safe from E. Coli? If not sure of the answer, then test!


Over the last few years, a number of outbreaks of foodborne illness were traced to an organism known as E. coli. It presents a significant public health problem. Although E. coli is primarily a concern for food processors and food consumers, it presents risks for those who manage and use water systems and recreational water sources as well. Preventing food contamination and human infection from E. coli requires control measures at all stages of the food production continuum: from agricultural production, to processing, manufacturing, transporting, storing, and preparation of foods in both commercial establishments and the domestic environment.

Processing measures include: –

  • water sources are free from contaminants
  • work surfaces and equipment are properly cleaned and sanitized
  • workers practice proper hygiene procedures
  • quality control testing is carried out properly to determine if contaminants are present prior to products being placed in the stream of commerce


At Diagnostic Laboratory Suppliers, we offer Compact Dry EC – a simple and safe test procedure for determination and quantification of coliform bacteria and E. coli in foods, cosmetics, water or raw materials (including pharmaceutical raw materials). The plates consist of a special 50 mm diameter petri dish containing a detection specific nutrient pad.


The ready-to-use chromogenic Compact Dry plates are suitable for in-process controls as well as controls of finished products. With the Promedia ST-25 swab tests, Compact Dry plates may also be used for surface sampling and therefore applied for quantitative hygiene monitoring even for surfaces which are difficult to reach.


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